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Currently the connectivity is accessible in all areas over 50 degrees latitude. Latency is less than 50 milliseconds, and speeds are 100 Mbps or more. 

OneWeb is powering the digital transformation of vessels at sea. We are providing networking solutions tailored to any need, at any level, replacing one-size-fits-all connectivity with a full spectrum of tailored, customisable broadband channels.

OneWebs high throughput, low-latency global network is delivering unprecedented flexibility, lowering the barriers to high quality maritime connectivity, minimizing environmental impact, and enabling the fleets of the future.

Merchant Shipping
fibre-like connectivity enables ships to operate as highly functional offices. Our diverse networking solutions have been developed for a shipping industry that is digitising; allowing fleet owners to deploy technology to transform their operations, improve performance, reduce costs through vessel optimisation, monitor environmental impact to decarbonise and meet sustainability goals, and provide equal bandwidths across all channels to ensure crews’ productivity and wellbeing. Our reliable global service is also the first with exceptional capacity in the Arctic, so sensitive routes can be monitored.

understands that alongside renewable energy, the future of offshore markets lies in reducing extraction and production costs.  Decarbonisation is also intensifying, with priority being given to assets with high levels of operational efficiency. 

Flexible solutions equip critical offshore operations with unprecedented data speeds and simplified network products that can build resilience.  Improve safety, and help cut through existing barriers to maximising production at lower costs, for example, supporting real time automation or predictive maintenance.  Also, with offshore operations increasingly moving onshore, greater connectivity is optimising essential assets.

Super Yachts
solutions will enable a world-class experience on board for both passengers and crew. Our high speed, low latency connectivity will enable VIPs to maximise their time onboard, whether securely conducting business, finances or enjoying high quality streaming services. Through a fast, reliable service that provides an onshore-style internet experience in any offshore region of the world, crews can focus on the efficient running of operations and maximising their own leisure time whilst passengers enjoy their voyage.

Commercial Shipping
offers fishing fleets of all sizes the capability to digitise operations to meet increasing productivity and environmental stewardship demands. Our fibre-like connectivity supports enterprise applications to optimise catch quotas and supply chain operations as well as underpinning the performance of vital monitoring tools to ensure compliance with government mandates on regional and cross border fishing. By offering multi-channel connectivity, crews can operate efficiently and sustainably whilst communicating with loved ones onshore and enjoying entertainment during downtime.

solutions provide fast, seamless high-speed connectivity for ferry routes anywhere in the world. Our fibre-like services provide a reliable back up when out of terrestrial network reach, meaning that passengers can enjoy consistent internet access. By offering high speeds and capacities, we will enable operators to fully utilise technology for improving operational performance, for example, using emissions and condition monitoring technologies as ferries increasingly move towards using renewable energy sources.

OneWeb offers fishing fleets and vessels around the world a level of connectivity they have never experienced before. Greater access to data and real-time analytics will benefit port activities, sustainable fishing practises, regulatory compliance, and efficient trade when arriving onshore. OneWeb is enabling the transfer of data required for seafood traceability and responsible reporting.

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