Inmarsat Satellite Phones

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Inmarsat Satellite Communications

Inmarsat satellite phones include the Isatphone mobile handsets and the Fleetphone units, which are suited for use in a remote office. For over 40 years, Inmarsat’s innovative satellite networks have provided sophisticated mobile connectivity and mission-critical applications for organizations and governments across the world.


Inmarsat Network Coverage

Inmarsat operates 13 geostationary satellites that provide L-band broadband, high-speed Ka-band, European inflight Wi-Fi S-band services, and a global 3G mobile network over every continent excluding extreme regions in the North and South Pole.


Inmarsat Satellite Phones

Inmarsat’s Isatphone and Fleetphone range offer enhanced features for reliable and quality communication. The Inmarsat satellite phone price starts from under US$700 making it affordable and resourceful for recreational travel and mobile work in hard to reach places.



The IsatPhone 2 is a durable, and user-friendly sat phone offering telephony features with a 2.4kbps voice codec, and standard voice calling functions like voicemail, caller ID, call management and conferencing. The sat phone interfaces with Micro USB, audio, antenna, and Bluetooth for hands-free use. It also includes location services, tracking and GPS capability with a powerful battery that has up to 8 hours talk time and 100 hours on standby, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.


Inmarsat Fleetphones

The Fleetphone terminals provide cost-effective satellite services for the maritime industry where vessels beyond the reach of cellular networks. This is a fixed solution for voice communication. A range of models include the Beam Oceana 400 for voice and text, and the Oceana 800 for voice, text, and basic data communications. The terminals can operate as a PABX system, while providing built-in GPS tracking, Crew Welfare Chat, Internet and intranet access, and weather forecasts.


Phone Plans

Inmarsat has a selection of prepaid and postpaid plans available for different usage and location requirements. Postpaid plans a monthly subscription rate for a minimum contract period with options. You have numerous options like the plan for Inmarsat USA / North America or go for the Global subscription if you’re traveling across multiple continents.


Compatible Accessories

From cable kits, spare components, chargers to desk and vehicle docking stations, the plethora of Inmarsat accessories offers a comprehensive and dependable satellite communication experience.


External Antennas

External antennas bring reliable and seamless communication through being securely mounted outdoors in any climate or used as a portable antenna that comes with an easy-to-carry bag. Antennas can also be magnetic mounted for temporary installation whenever you need instant connectivity.



Category Questions

The one truly global handset is Iridium. The 9555 & 9575 are stand alone units while the Iridium GO! pairs via blue tooth with your cellular phone. 

These options fall under Iridium's global network of 66 low earth orbiting satellite that spend about 11 minutes overhead and then hand off to the next satellite providing coverage in your area.

The Inmarsat handset the ISAT2 is a popular handset that while fantastic for a large portion of the planet fails around the Arctic and Antarctic circles. It is also easier to lose connectivity due to requiring line of sight to a satellite over the equator. 

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Prepaid SIM's are shipped inactive and the customer chooses when to activate by submitting a request online. The validity starts from that date. Our sim's are usually active within minutes of the customer request through our online portal. 

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The Inmarsat handset is not recomeneded for that northern of a latitude. This is due to a lack of global coverage and the low look angle of the satellites which are postitioned over the equator. This positioning results in a weaker signal the further you go from the Equator. 

 We recommened the Iridium Network for that location as the satellites are orbiting overhead and provide global coverage from pole to pole.

 The Iridium handset 9575 or 9555 are the standard handsets for the Iridium network. The 9575 is more durable handset, it includes GPS which allows you to send your location immediately in the event of an emergency. It is the trusted handset used by the first responders everywhere as well as US & Canadian Military a NATO & countries. 

The 9555 handset while not as durable and lacking GPS is a very popular handset as well. 

If our lives depended on it we would always choose Iridium. 

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The psuedo country code for Iridium phones is 8816, Inmarsat is 8788. It is an international formated dialing pattern and if you call the sat phone from a conventional line you will be billed for international calling. The location of the handset at the time of the call is not a  determining factor. 

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