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Cobham Maritime Antennas

Whether you need satellite internet for boats out at sea or any remote location, you can depend on Cobham’s range of VSAT antennas. With focus on marine satellite Internet communications, accessibility is available to anyone, anywhere. With the increasing demand for voice, email and Internet usage, Cobham offers diverse high-performance Ku Band maritime antenna systems under the Sailor and Sea Tel brands.

Sea Tel

For reliable and superior bandwidth connectivity, the Cobham Sea Tel range of maritime antennas allow for flexible and quick installations suitable for all sea vessels. Providing an abundance of solutions, Sea Tel has extensive satellite communications for robust connectivity and marine GPS antenna products to enhance safety and logistics for fleets.

Products and Accessories

With satellite communications being so critical within the maritime industry, the Sea Tel range offers a supreme portfolio of antennas and accessories to facilitate all communication from low bandwidth messaging, safety alerts, marine wireless Internet for crew and passengers that require high-end and high usage applications.

High-performance models include:

  • The Sea Tel 9711 Ku-Band 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system combines a C-band switchable feed and a Ku-band switchable feed that allows interchanging between the two electronically. Its Ku-band sub-reflector optimizes performance of the 2.4-meter antenna providing state-of-the-art design and operation.
  • Sea Tel’s 6012 model also offers a 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with most Ku-band satellites. It has a 1.5-meter system that includes the Sea Tel Cobham antenna control unit for effective and accurate pointing and connectivity.

Accessories and parts are available to support most Sea Tel models. If you need replacement kits, additional power supplies, or drive motors, Canada Satellite stocks all you need to keep your antenna systems functioning while keeping you connected.


Cobham’s Sailor brand offers the unique 60GX and 100GX marine stabilized antenna systems for dependable and consistent connectivity that responds quickly to the vessel’s motion and location to avoid signal loss regardless of the conditions. The in-built shock and vibration capabilities proves its robust design for any maritime requirement.

Sailor 100GX Model

SAILOR 100 GX is an advanced 3-axis stabilized Ka-band antenna specifically designed for the Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite network. The antenna is light and compact, using a single cable between the antenna and below deck equipment for unfailing connectivity and power. It includes highly advanced features such as Automatic Azimuth and Cable Calibration making installation easy and painless.

The antenna’s tracking receiver technology ensures instant acquisition to the right satellite. And if you hit a spot of bad weather, the antenna’s immediate satellite re-acquisition keeps you seamlessly connected.

Sailor 60GX Model

The Sailor 60GX is the smallest, lightest and yet highly advanced antenna for Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress maritime broadband service. The lightweight aluminum design and VSAT technology makes deployment simple. This Ka-Band antenna is an above deck unit with a 65cm reflector, mounting accessories, power cord and all required cables.

Cobham’s Sailor system lives up to its name as a high-performance marine Internet antenna unit for all vessels at sea.

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