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Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX)

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Global Xpress will offer the unique combination of seamless worldwide coverage from a single operator, consistent high performance up to 50Mbps, and the network reliability for which Inmarsat is renowned.

First global Ka-band commercial satellite service
The Inmarsat-5 satellites operate with a combination of fixed narrow spot beams that enable Inmarsat to deliver higher speeds through more compact terminals, plus steerable beams so additional capacity can be directed in real-time to where it’s needed.

Operating in the resilient Ka-band, while integrating seamlessly with our proven L-band network, Global Xpress allows customers across aviation, maritime, enterprise and government sectors to have reliable and assured access to high-throughput communications.

With Cisco, we have also developed the Inmarsat Service Enablement Platform (ISEP) and the Inmarsat Gateway, which will deliver a whole new world of innovative, content-rich applications – developed by our Certified Application Partners – tailored to meet Global Xpress users’ needs.

GX Terminal Categories
Category 1 (Commercial)
GX iDirect-based Terminals operating in commercial Ka for Maritime, Aero and Land applications. These terminals utilize Global Service Beam (GSB) and High Capacity Commercial (HCC).

Category 2 - Commercial and Military
Note: These Terminals are under development and not currently available for operation on GX Category 2 terminals are not expected to be available until mid/late 2016.
GX iDirect-based Terminals capable of operating in both the commercial and military Ka band. Depending on the frequency range, can potentially utilize Global Service Beam (GSB),High Capacity Commercial (HCC) and High Capacity Cross-Strap (HCX).

Category 3 - Ka and L-Band
Note: These Terminals for land are under development and not currently available for operation on GX.
GX iDirect-based Terminal suite(s) combining Category 1 and Category 2 terminals with L-band Fleet Broadband(FB) products and network to achieve extremely high mission assurance.

Category 4 - Customer Supplied
Note: Commercial and Military variants of these Category 4 Terminals are currently available.
User supplied terminals, non-GX iDirect waveform, which are already certified to operate in commercial or military Ka. These terminals will have customer-specific modems and will be accommodated by GX leased services.

Global Xpress®

Inmarsat Global Xpress

As of August 2010, Boeing, the US aerospace manufacturer, has been contracted to build a pioneering new constellation of satellites - the Inmarsat-5s. They will form the backbone of our planned Inmarsat Global Xpress™ network, delivering mobile broadband speeds of up to 50 megabits per second.

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