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Thuraya’s satellite constellation provides a reliable network with expanded satellite solutions for commercial and government industries and offers a sophisticated range of devices. Having a satellite phone is essential when traveling remote places but having backup power is even more critical to keeping your sat phone operational. Whether you need a rechargeable, spare, or heavy duty Thuraya 2510 battery, Canada Satellite offers a wide variety for Thuraya satellite phones. Other compatible accessories can be purchased separately such as chargers, USB cables, repeaters, and hotspot, and IP devices.

Device-specific Batteries

Heavy duty and high-capacity batteries are particularly useful for intensive usage as it provides more than the usual amount of power. Every Thuraya battery is specific to a certain model of Thuraya sat phones.

Thuraya XT

The Thuraya XT satellite phone meets IP54/IK03 standards, which makes it one of the toughest and most reliable handsets. The Thuraya XT has an advanced menu with many features, such as an organizer or GPS waypoint navigation. The Thuraya XT battery provides up to 6 hours talk-time and up to 80 hours standby-time. Spare batteries are available for this model from just over $100 each.

Thuraya XT Dual

The Thuraya XT Dual is also a dual-mode, dual-SIM satellite phone that provides the ultimate flexibility when moving in and out of cellular coverage ensuring you are never disconnected from the outside world. The XT Pro comes with all the voice and data phone features you would expect along with navigation and tracking capabilities. The spare Thuraya XT Dual battery allows talk-time of up to 11 hours and standby-time of up to 160 hours in GSM-mode. In satellite mode the talk-time is up to 6 hours and the standby time is up to 60 hours.

Thuraya XT Lite

The Thuraya XT Lite satellite handset offering satellite voice communication without all the bells and whistles. This is ideal for travelers on a budget who need a device for basic calling features. The spare Thuraya XT Lite battery offers up to 6 hours' talk-time and 80 hours' on standby time.

Legacy Models

Spare and heavy duty batteries can be purchased from Canada Satellite for older Thuraya satellite phones. The heavy duty Thuraya SG-2520 battery and Thuraya SO-2510 provides extensive and high-consumption use offering 4 hours talk time, 4 hours charge time and over 80 hours of standby.

The Thuraya SO-2510 and SG-2520 are satellite phones which work in SAT-mode throughout the entire coverage area of the Thuraya satellites. They support multiple languages and active Thuraya SIM cards are compatible with these models. Both models allow you to create and manage waypoints. These can be used to navigate from a fixed location to various waypoints, showing the distance and direction to each.

Battery Chargers

Docking stations, car chargers, solar chargers, and AC powered chargers are available as part of the Thuraya range of accessories to ensure your phone is never without power when you need it the most.

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