SatMate i30 Advanced Tracking Product

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SatMate i30 Advanced Tracking Product
The SATMATE i30 is a next generation advanced tracking product, offering a completely integrated solution. With everything you need inside the box, just power it up and you are away!
With in-built intelligence and multiple communication options (Iridium SBD, GPRS, Wi-Fi), this product can seamlessly adapt to any application you put in front of it. With both land and marine versions of the product, the SATMATE i30 can cover a vast number of installation scenarios, including:

? Light vehicles and trucks
? Heavy industrial vehicles
? Fishing and leisure vessels
? Large cargo vessels

The SATMATE i30 is more than just a standard tracking device; it has the intelligence to dynamically expand its functionality by utilising various technologies. Examples of valueadded capabilities include:

? Garmin Nuvi Navigators
? Personal pager units
? Engine monitoring systems
? On-board third party systems

With full integration into the mature SATMATE iTrack software suite, this product is positioned to offer you unparalleled capabilities. This unique mix of usability, capability and expandability ensures SATMATE i30 is the product of choice in the tracking market.

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